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Comfort n’ Light

My premium quality handcrafted candles

Offers an escape from the redundancy of the day to day activities to a place of peace. A sense of calm and serenity in a world all of your own creation. Nurturing the soul and harmonizing the senses. An aroma helping fill you with joy and the gift of being present in that very special moment.


The aroma was pleasant and it filled my whole room within a matter of second. I’m very pleased with my candle!

Dierre Guyse

So I'm not usually one for writing reviews but , this mahogany teakwood candle from Comfort n Light is review worthy! As a married couple it can be hard to find a scent that both parties can enjoy this candle does just that. I had a smell that warm and inviting and a great unisex appeal. If you're look for something that doesn't smell like flowers and perfume I'd definitely give it a try!!

Very pleased couple!

Tanisha Smith

These candles are so refreshing! They burn for hours longer than expected. The scents melt softly into your home and drape you with comfort and serenity. The depth of the scents are deep and complex, but are not overwhelming or too strong. The wax itself burns evenly and clean. The scent doesn’t seem to fade with use. I can’t wait to buy more!

Katelyn Smerber

Candles made with you in mind.

The level of detail in my handcrafted candles reaffirms my commitment to providing exceptional prouducts and service. Creating beautiful candles is my passion and I take pride in my craft. I am truly honored to share my work with you. I am humbled by your graciousness, genorisity and support.

Thank You!

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